Capurganà, another Caribbean paradise

capurgana_3Capurganà, another Caribbean paradise
Ocean front plots financed for 868.92 dollars monthly

Capurganà is a small town in Colombia with less than three thousand inhabitants; without a doubt, its excellent geographical position, and the cheerfulness and efficiency of its people have converted this site, which doesn’t show up on most maps, into one of the most hospitable places for tourism.
It has an enviable position: only ten kilometers from the Panamanian border and 250 kilometers from Bogota; Capurganà is very well-prepared for promoting itself as a special place for eco-tourism because of the meticulous care it has taken with the surrounding environment which, together with the warmth of the people that live there, is the main wealth of the town.
The ample presence of hotels, most of which are high class, and human treatment, are combined with the attraction of the surrounding scenery to offer a welcoming environment to visitors. The evenings can be extremely interesting because visitors can mix with the residents of Capurganà and learn of its local customs, chat, dance and of course, take advantage of the excellent rum produced there and served in the bars along the Bahia de Aguacate that remain open until daybreak.
For those who love scuba diving, Capurganà offers the beauty of its ocean depths, many of which have never been explored, and for those who prefer to enter the exuberant local flora there is a wide selection of paths that can be traveled on foot or horseback. There are extensive possibilities. Historically, Capurganà has been presented as a place where so-called civilization has converged with the indigenous life; the Kuna Indi live in the San Blas archipelago, which is comprised by more than 350 islands and constitutes what is considered a native reserve. Although investments aren’t accepted there, it is possible to visit these islands which have an environmental interior that is truly special. There are multiple examples of the union of natural beauty with modernity so appreciated in Capurganà: electric energy, water, phone service and even Internet.
Security is another of the attractions offered to visitors in Capurganà, and during the high season when all of the rooms in the hotels are occupied, it’s not strange to see the younger tourists sleeping without problems on the white sand at the town’s beaches.
Colombia is one of the Latin American nations with the highest economic growth, and this entire favorable context also benefits Capurganà. The country is completely open to foreign investments and there are no special requirements that prohibit non-residents to purchase property, perhaps the only exception are lots that are near the borders and are considered essential the national security by the government.
Prices for property aren’t high. A simple comparison: while in Panama oceanfront lots cost between 80 and 250 euros per square meter, and you can’t always find small lots, this is no problem in Capurganà and there are still properties facing the Caribbean Sea of about 800 square meters that cost only 25 euros per meter. Your math isn’t wrong: you could have the possibility of buying an excellent property in a safe, beautiful, agreeable and considerate territory, to say the least “another paradise in the Caribbean” for about 20 thousand euros.?


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