Capurganá, Colombia, deep view

Capurganá, Colombia



Encountering virgin sites, where the natural beauty has barely been touched by the hand and work of man, would seem at this point to be an impossible mission. Not even the big tourist centers, the majority of which are famous for their beautiful beaches, have escaped the damage that has been lamentably caused by the thousands of visitors that go there every year. In a far- away place, whose name many want to remember, is Capurganà, Colombia. The waves of the Caribbean Sea that continuously lap at its shores, the enormous variety of vegetation, and the cordiality of its inhabitants all excel, without a doubt, but even more than this, Capurganà shows that a perfect union is possible between development and caring for nature. Unbelievers have to visit Capurganà, Colombia, especially the Chocoan Bahia del Uraba, to confirm that when people want to they can live together in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. The woods, especially the Wilds of Darien, the beaches, rivers, mangrove swamps and waterfalls that abound in Capurganà, attract those with the sensitivity necessary for understanding the richness of the geographical ecosystems of this locality in Colombia.
 Not very many people live in Capurganà; actually, the population is only about 500 thousand whose main professions are fishing and agriculture; others also work in the areas directed at tourism, and this is why every time Capurganà attracts more and more the attention of those who decide to visit it, other than those who opt for buying ocean-front properties that cost the price of a “banana”, to enjoy staying there – sometimes for a short time, other times, not so short. This is why it’s worth investing in Colombia. Capurganà simply welcomes each and every one, and each one accepts, enjoying, in its very particular way.  The population is small, but it identifies itself with the site, and this is one of the reasons that it understands the care that is necessary for the beaches, the cleanliness and tranquility that characterize Capurganà and most of Colombia. The curious name is another of the legacies of the first inhabitants of the region, the natives of the Kuna ethnicity (Panama) and means “Land of capurgana_scuba_divingthe Aji” and the blacks from Chocó (Colombia). Nevertheless, as often happens in many Latin American regions, something that the Cuba writer Alejo Carpentier described as “the royal marvel”, the multiplicity of cultures makes living or visiting Capurganà much more interesting, so that there you can appreciate not just the Caribbean culture of Colombia, but also the conflux of the Antiochian, Chocon and Cordovan idiosyncrasies.
One of the most interesting activities that take place in Capurganà occurs during the months of April and May, when the Cana turtles, a very rare species, spawn on the extended and beautiful beaches of Alcandi (an hour’s boat ride from Capurganà). These turtles are considered an endangered species (EN) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and includes in Appendix I of the International Convention for the Commerce of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) and are protected in Colombia. The singular fact attracts very many visitors that usually stay in the tourist structures in Capurganà. The inhabitants of Capurganà are very exacting with this part regarding possibility that this hatching will help the depleted number of Cana turtles to grow. During the last five decades they have been persecuted by man, who has hunted them for their meat and eggs. Therefore, Alcandi functions as a safe refuge for the turtles and the fishermen of Capurganà have become into guardians of this species.
Perhaps someone reading the description of the impressive geography of Capurganà, Colombia, could think that living there would be to isolate
themselves from the world; without a doubt, the truth is very different: the hotels in Capurganà have all the amenities necessary for a pleasant stay; Capurganà also has health clinics, a police station, phone and internet services and facilities that you can enjoy in any tourist site such as discotheques, ice cream parlors, pharmacies and shops, where you can find Colombian and Panamanian products, thanks to the proximity to Panama. Capurganà is also a well-known artisan center that offers products that are very attractive for tourists. Capurganà is accessible by flight or sea.  Capurganà’s doors remain open for all those who are interested in knowing a little more about nature, for those who wish to invest in oceanfront property and for those who like to spend time in a site that seems to be lost in time. Everyday Capurganà shows that human development and the average environment are not antagonists. Colombia: the risk is that you will remain!


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