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Colombia is a country that receives most retirees who chose the rich South American nation as the ideal setting to rest and relax after many years of work. Living in Colombia has several advantages. Geographically it has desirable location, bordering the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. There are no seasons, although a rich variety of climates, from the cold of the long ridge of the Andes to the pleasant temperatures of the Colombian people.
In addition to the geographical position, living in Colombia has the advantage of costs as a retired person could live in the country enjoying more affordable luxury the when located at one of the developed nations. Real estate in Colombia continually offer discounts and are easy to acquire. To all this must be added the extensive possibilities offered by the Colombian government to allow those concerned to settle in the nation. In 2007, the government approved a package of laws, created to attract investors and retirees, especially from the United States and Europe. Get a home for pensioners in Colombia is not very difficult and incredibly has no age limits, so if you decide to retire in Colombia, but not yet receiving a pension, we at OPM Security can prepare the necessary documentation. So you can easily obtain a residence of pensioners Colombia.
Obviously if you have all the necessary requirements may apply for the residence of pensioners Colombia if the help of professionals.
A first step for retired people to settle legally in Colombia is asking for a temporary residence. This type of residence of pensioners Colombia is only offered to those who demonstrate receive a monthly pension, granted by a private company, a public entity or a government. The amount of money received by the person opting for a home for pensioners Colombia must be greater than or equal to 10 minimum monthly wages in Colombia (2861 dollars).
Among the documents that would have to provide the person concerned to receive a residence of pensioners Colombia is your passport, with at least three pages available and valid for at least three months. In addition, two photocopies of your passport, three passport photos and two original application forms of residence for pensioners, filled in correctly. Finally, an original certificate issued by a private company or government will pay the pension of the person opting for a home for pensioners Colombia. This certificate must be delivered translated into Spanish and Apostille. The fee for visa issuance Colombia pensioners is $ 175.
If you are interested in retiring in Colombia with a visa or a residence pensioners Colombia Colombia Pensioners do not hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., one of our experts to retire in Colombia Colombia visa or a residence pensioners Pensioners Colombia will guide you through the process to retire in Colombia with a visa or a residence pensioners Colombia Colombia Pensioners
Resentment against a law on passports bank drive
Few knew of her approval and even the media published opinion columns which analyze, in depth, the issue, however, the Law on Incentives to Restore Employment Contract, known by its acronym in English, Hire Act, in actually seems like another extreme regulation of financial institutions by U.S. authorities and has led many banks to seek passports through other citizenships.
The explanation of the increased interest in obtaining passports bank is in the content of the law, passed by the Obama administration in March this year. By Hire Act, U.S. banks find it difficult to establish negotiations with offshore banks that do not provide account information of its users. Thus, any transfer of money from the United States to other foreign financial institutions that have agreed to provide all the information on the accounts of the U.S. government would be subject to a tax of up to 30% of the total sent.
This also troubled U.S. banks will have to investigate with great care and depth each of the transactions, to determine with certainty the reasons for the transaction, which sends you and the bank receiving the money. In the event that the offshore bank is not bending to the will of the Hire Act, ie, no information was provided on the accounts of users, then the U.S. bank would have the duty to withhold 30% tax.
It is no secret that the U.S. tax system is based on the concept of "nationality" and not territorial, so even living abroad, Americans have to pay their taxes. Therefore, the IRS has sought new ways to control the incomes of citizens and the Hire Act, even when there was a legal mechanism for renewing that seeks to create jobs and offer tax incentives to companies to hire more employees, actually violate the banking secrecy, however, considered experts, this part has been little known.
For banks offshore, the Act Hire is also a problem because they would be forced to send regular information to the U.S. tax authorities on any transaction of a citizen of that country or make withholding taxes directly. In case of refusal to violate banking secrecy, would risk being labeled as unreliable banks. Then it has become a trend as offshore banks are increasingly reluctant to accept U.S. accounts for fear of the consequences of Hire Act, as they would be losing one of their most important arguments when a user selects: the secret financial activities carried out there.
Given these changes in the law that could seriously affect their business, not a few Americans would be looking to obtain passports bank by other citizenships, allowing them to open their accounts in offshore banks without having to worry about Hire Act, as this institution should not provide information about a transaction made by someone who appears registered as a citizen of any country other than the United States.
The Act Hire a deadline to take effect in 2013, but probably the voices against multiply at about the same rate as the acquisition of passports growing bank. If the Patriot Act in 2001 worried many of the open violations of civil liberties, the Act proposes Hire increasingly extreme regulation of global financial institutions and the costs of all these changes would have to pay for all citizens.
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