Mysteries of Capurganà, Colombia

capurgana_2Mysteries of Capurganà, Colombia

They say that when the Spanish arrived in South America they remained impressed by the natural beauty and the advantages offered by the port of Acla, in the region that is known today as Capurganà and Cabo Tiburon in Colombia, only 20 minutes away by speedboat from the border with Panama. This expedition, which tried to arrive from the Pacific, was begun by Vasco Nunez from Balboa, the same man that, assisted by the “cacique Panquiaco”, founded Panama City. Five centuries after the historical encounter between two cultures, Capurganà’s spontaneity continues attracting the attention of those who decide to visit the place, to live there or invest in the oceanfront lots, which, however, can be bought for accessible prices where human and natural development lend a hand, living together in mutual respect. The waves of the Caribbean Sea continuously caress Capurganà’s beaches so that this magical Caribbean site, like so many others, has inspired the so-called post-boom writers like Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Alejo Carpentier. The extraordinarily diverse flora together with the cordiality of the people has created a serene and safe environment that is much appreciated in these days where so many are afflicted by stress. Among the most popular sites in Capurganà you will find the Precious Bahia del Uraba Chocoano, whose woods remind us of the jungles of Darien, as well as the beaches, rivers, the mangrove swamps and waterfalls that abound in Capurganà. Not many people actually live there; in truth, Capurganà’s population is only slightly more than 500 thousand, most of whom are either fishermen or farmers; any other jobs are connected to tourism. Despite having a numerically small population, they identify with the site, and this is one of the reasons that allow us to understand the care that they take of the beaches in Capurganà, the cleanliness and tranquility that characterize the place. Hotels abound in Capurganà with all of the requirements for being of the same high quality of others in the world. There is a health clinic, a police station, phone and internet service and all the facilities that are used in all tourist areas: discotheques, ice cream parlors, pharmacies, stores and also stores that sell local handiwork, which greatly attract the tourists. Furthermore, for diving enthusiasts, Capurganà offers the beauty of its ocean depths, many of which haven’t been explored yet while, for those who prefer walking through the exuberant local vegetation, there are various paths that you can hike on or go on horseback.
Beyond Capurganà’s incentives, there are also facilities for investing and the prices are truly low. For example, if the oceanfront lots  in Panama cost between 80 and 250 euros per square meter and you can’t always find a small lot, this is no problem in Capurganà and there are properties available facing the Caribbean Sea that are only 800 square meters, that cost only 25 thousand dollars. The counts are clear: for about 20 thousand euros you can have the possibility of obtaining an excellent property in a secure territory, agreeable where friendly people live, and more than just a few have dared to consider it a place that is always open to new experiences, a site that is surrounded by history, where myths, legends and mysteries have survived the waves of the Caribbean Sea that arrive every second on the shores of Capurganà.

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