Veracruz, Panama: A paradise 20 minutes away from the city

veracruzVeracruz, Panama: A paradise 20 minutes away from the city
Veracruz, Panama

For a long time the city was called Camaron, to avoid confusing it with the Mexican port of Veracruz, but after 1954 the settlers decided to adopt the name with which it arrived in the XXI century: ciudad Veracruz (Veracruz City). Located in the center of Panama, this site was established in September, 1934 and enjoys great prestige and world fame, for its more than favorable geographical position and the possibilities of investing in different lines. Veracruz, Panama is famous for its restaurants, where you can find the most diverse types of meats, at very moderate prices as low as six dollars and the beer is also cheap, barely sixty cents. Since Veracruz, Panama is imminently a fishing town, there’s nothing strange about it dealing with a good fish market whose location isn’t lost: it faces Howard Air Base. Maybe the beach will be deserted during the weekdays, but Saturdays and Sundays you will see it fill up with upper- and middle-class families. Kiosk vendors increase their offers, from fried fish to the most typical Panamanian foods. Obtaining real estate in Veracruz, especially its ocean front lots, isn’t difficult and the prices are very accessible. Not only do they offer lots, which are also the closest to Panama City; the buyers can live on the beach with no problems and work in the city, which is only a twenty minute drive away. Also, one of the most famous residential areas, Balboa, is only a 15 minute drive away; first-rate supermarkets, clinics, discotheques, restaurants and bars abound there. There are various attractions in Veracruz, Panama; just one is the internationally renowned Playa Bonita Hotel and Spa, located in the main avenue of Veracruz. It’s perfect for a weekend of relaxation, outside the city, far from the city noise, but not so far as to require a very long trip lasting for hours.
Veracruz_playa_bonitaPossibilities for development in Veracruz are very promising. The government has offered special incentives for investing in certain types of shops, within the technological sector, airplane repairs, sea-going cargo and transportation logistics companies. One of the most important projects in this area is the so-called “Panamarina”, which can count on a high investment of 2.4 billion dollars. This idea includes the construction of 231 new buildings, residences, golf courses and casinos, among other things. All of these are very close to Veracruz. The planes for “Panamarina” also consider an artificial island that will be connected to the Veracruz community by a two mile long bridge. This project, which has been criticized by some as being unviable, has fueled the optimism of many, especially in Veracruz, Panama which will gain an infrastructure valued at more than 300 million dollars. Also, the community will benefit from a water treatment system that will revitalize this essential recourse in the region. The project contemplates public access to the beaches as well as machines for keeping the sand clean, three thousand new homes for the community, a hospital, a school and new roads.
When analyzing property prices in Veracruz, Panama, we’ve noticed that they are much lower than the market price of other beaches in Panama, without considering that we are only 20 minutes from the center of Panama City; it is also important to keep in mind that if this multimillion dollar project is verified, it’s a sure thing that the price of these ocean-front lots could rise.
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