Ways to send money to Colombia

dinero_colombiaWays to send money to Colombia

One of the biggest problems travelers encounter when they arrive in another country is to change money at the airport. Usually exchange houses located there show rates higher than those in the nation, therefore, you lose money. In Colombia also true, though there are ways to avoid this waste of money and it is through the use of bank debit cards in Colombia. You use them at ATMs at the airport and get the Colombian pesos, from the actual rate at which the currency is quoted on the same day nationwide. Therefore saving time by not having to go home to change and, above all, if you conduct a large removal, also save money.
Even thou some may believe it is difficult to open a bank account in Colombia it is not yet it is not a simple process (although it does offer broad benefits for those who manage to finish), but there are other ways, all safe, so you can send or Colombia receive money from abroad.
The most common of all is to extract money in the local ATMs with your Master Card, Visa or American Express issued by banks in their country, but here should be aware that this system will have to pay a certain percent each time to draw money. This percentage varies from bank to bank. As usual, the majority of ATMs in Colombia (there are thousands in each city) accept Master Card or Visa, but others work only for certain customers. All this is specified in the logos that are published outside the ATM.
Lack of security is one of the most debated issues in Colombia, it is therefore essential to take several precautions before removing money from an ATM. It is advisable to inquire into the streets at the locations of ATMs, much less to do extractions when someone with scowl is situated nearby. In addition, you should not forget to collect the receipt of the transaction, because with it could make a claim against the bank if it seems appropriate. The financial rules require that Colombia through cash you could get up to 800 000 pesos (about 400 U.S. dollars). It is always important to note that for each collection, you would be paying fees for about $ 5.
Another popular method to send money to Colombia is to use professional agencies, including Western Union, MoneyGram, iKobo, AFEX, PayPal, Viamericas, ePassaporte. Each of these agencies has strengths, since the speed of transfer, to charge lower rates.
For example, if you need money immediately, Western Union is one of the most effective and money arrives almost instantaneously, but it is a very expensive system, which can cost up to 10% of the transfer and the company charges the sender and the receiver. A cheaper option would be to Money Gram. Through its online site can send money to Colombia, with lower interest rates, and the company offers, such as bonuses, free delivery of a message of 10 words or three minutes of long distance calls, also free. A third way to send money to Colombia would be through iKobo, an online payment system that accepts money from 170 countries, including Colombia. The money can be extracted using iKobo card. One advantage over rivals already mentioned is that iKobo does allow the opening of accounts and from them you could turn the money saved in your bank account. In addition, iKobo has proved a very effective system to send or receive money from countries in which PayPal does not work.
PayPal is probably the most used on the Internet. The new accounts are opened there work with the PayPal debit MasterCard, you may send a Colombian citizen, while online recharges from the United States. Another advantage is that you have the ability to freely transfer money from your bank account to PayPal, but this operation could take up to five days. When word gets around about your command of money colombia, send money colombia, colombia, exchange money colombia facts, others who need to know about money colombia, send money colombia, colombia, exchange money colombia will start to actively seek you out.




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