Colombia, A Virgin Beach Paradise in Cartagena

nuevaandalucia01A Virgin Beach Paradise in Cartagena, Colombia

This Project is in Manzanillo del Mar, a beautiful place in the Caribbean, located only 9 Km away from Cartagena, Colombia, it consists of  10 modernly styled houses with huge areas, and a topical environment and 280 apartments with ocean and lake view of 114 m² 144 m²  and 250 m².
Pool areas, around undiscovered sand, water and palm trees, make the perfect atmosphere to create a natural oasis. In Manzanillo, enjoy the long clean beach of light brown sand and swim in the sea... clear clean water, and a very low-key atmosphere.
Its architectonic design was created to fit perfectly with the nature: 24 hectares, 60% of green spaces, more than 1000 trees and plants, 2 hectares of lake, 240 meters in front of the beach. Contruction is currently underway on two new exciting housing developments in Manzanillo: Estelar Manzanillo Playa, and the Karibana Golf Resort, the latter is the fruit of a US$170 million investment.
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