Canada, Nascall Hotsprings Property in Central Coast, British Columbia

nascall_hotsprings_1Canada, Nascall Hotsprings Property in Central Coast, British Columbia

The fantastic properties of Nascall Hot Springs include 3 titles totaling 445 acres as shown on the maps and aerial photographs. The property encompasses both sides of Nascall Bay, the river and the east end of Nascall Lake.

At the head of the inlet there is a flat area of about 180 acres a large part of which is gravel. The main development has been done on the north side of the bay affording all of the buildings a beautiful sunny southerly view of Nascall Bay and Dean Channel.
The previous owner had constructed a hot spring bath house with two hot tubs fully enclosed with glass overlooking Nascall Bay. A 2 bedroom house was built on the point to take advantage of the panoramic view.
Under new ownership the property has been steadily improved for the last few years with improvements and equipment including:
* Cedar six-plex with 6 double rooms, with bathrooms and common room
* Two room private cedar (owner’s) cabin overlooking the water
* Two cedar one bedroom fully self-contained cottages
* 1300 ft gravel landing strip
* 3km of road that leads to boat launch at Nascall Lake
* A floating restaurant that seats 25
* A 100 ft. cedar dock that can accommodate large boats and floatplanes
* A 12 seat aluminum crew boat
* Grader for road maintenance and a gator for getting around
* Power is provided by a generator
Moorage is adequate for cruise ships with a depth of 100 feet right along the shoreline. The Cruise BC Ferry visits the Hotspring upon request and passengers can be picked up by boat or kayakers dropped off.
This Nascall Lake and river system drains a huge area and the outflow from the lake provides an opportunity for a 70 mega watt hydro electric power generation project. It was the owners plan to devlop this asset however the creation of a Conservancy zone in the area has put this plan on hold temporarily. A smaller plant could be built to power any development on the property.
To own one of these amazing coastal hot spring properties is a rare privilege, Nascall is one of BC’s premier hot springs with by far the largest deeded land acreage of any of the coastal hot springs. There are no other properties with this amazing combination of attributes on the BC Coast.
Location: Nascall Bay is about midway on the western shore of Dean Channel, one of British Columbia’s longest fjords. It is just north of Labouchere Channel about an hour west of Bella Coola by water in a reasonably fast boat.
Access: Boat or float plane access.
Size:  445.80 acres

Price: USD $1,998,000

Contact: Rich Osborne - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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