Panama: Playa Corona Condos

playa_corona_2Panama: Playa Corona Condos

The Project
The building will be completely and cosmopolitan furnished, each floor of the building where the apartments will be fully decorated differently, and any plant will not be equal to each other. It will have a Beach Club, an innovative concept and never seen so far in Panama. The whole beach is completely cosmopolitan it will be decorated with beds, where it will give life to the beach from sunrise, seeing a new born day. You will receive the sun with a delicious breakfast for the day with a good swim in our beaches and at night with candles. With great music and selected live shows, Beach Club Ibiza Beach Corona will be unique and exclusive.
The condo-hotel is working with tour operators worldwide that make prospective customers aware Ibiza Beach Corona and we do have the maximum benefit in the rental of each apartment from the day to dawn lighting with its magnificent blue. More than a project, a new concept that shows its beauty in perfect harmony with the environment. From the day until dawn.

The Apartments
Apartments of 42.36 m2, 42.41 m2, 43.70 m2, 48.98 m2, 49.58 m2, 49.89 m2, 50.76 m2, 53.00 m2 and 61.69 m2
Apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms
1, 2 and 3 bathrooms
Living and dining room
Fully furnished
Air conditioner
Beautiful ocean view
The apartments will be fully furnished with all necessary (appliances and furniture)
With parking space in each apartment
Exoneration of the tax on properties during 20 years
Social area: with all the amenities that you hope and much more!
Infinity pool: we have with an amazing infinity swimming pool that makes you feel you swim in the middle of the sea.
Conference hall: to meet in a place that brings you peace and tranquility never has been so easy. Your business, meetings and celebrations, will be an insured success.
Bar of drinks: located in the highest part of the building, it will make you feel that you are able to touch the stars. Doubtlessly all accompanying by good selected music and varied drinks.
Restaurant: you will be able to discover in your palate the essence of the best wines and international meals, accompanied ye select music and with the most amazing views to the sea.
Spas-gym: you will be able to feel relax always in the bathtubs of hidromassage, while the bubbles caress your body. Steam cabins and water spurts, will make you relax your mind and your body. Open Spa all the year so that your body and mind rest.

Price: Starting at USD 84,720.00

Contact: Giovanni Caporaso
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 (507) 8327893
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